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Wolverine Tower Expedited Courier Service

The Wolverine Tower Expedited Service provides direct one-way deliveries to the Wolverine Tower mailroom from 16 campus locations twice a day.

The Wolverine Tower Expedited Service is for official University correspondence. Any University employee may use this service by placing Campus Mail in a Wolverine Tower Mail Expedited Service box.

To: Wolverine Tower Addresses | From: Service Locations | When: Service Times

To: Wolverine Tower Addresses

Department Address Zip Code
Property Control, Contract Administration, Cost Reimbursement 3003 S State St 1273
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects 3003 S State St 1274
Staff Benefits 3003 S State St 1278
Payroll 3003 S State St 1279
Technology Management Office (TMO) 3003 S State St 1280
Human Resources 3003 S State St 1281
Purchasing 3003 S State St 1282
Treasurer's Office 3003 S State St 1283
University Audits 3003 S State St 1286
Financial Operations 3003 S State St 1287
Development 3003 S State St 1288

From: Service Locations

Building Address Box Location
NCRC 2800 Plymouth Rd Mailroom
Administrative Services Bldg 1009 Greene St Lobby
Fleming Bldg 503 Thompson St Mail Room
North Quad 105 S State St Hallway
Business Administration Bldg (Bus Ad) 701 Tappan St Dock
Shapiro Library 919 S University St Third Floor Admin Area
Social Work Bldg 1080 S University St Dock
School of Public Health 109 Observatory St Dock
UM Hospital 1500 E Medical Center Dr Cafeteria Hallway
Medical Science Bldg 1301 Catherine Outdoor Box, Circle Drive
North Ingalls Bldg 300 N Ingalls Third Floor, Elevator Lobby area
Pierpont Commons 2101 Bonisteel Blvd Elevator Lobby
Space Research Bldg 2455 Hayward St Mail Room
North Campus Administrative Bldg 2901 Hubbard Dock/Mail Room
Arbor Lakes 4251 Plymouth Rd Basement Mail Area
Hospital—Purchasing Services 2500 Green Rd Mailroom
Dental Bldg 1011 N University St Dock
Wolverine Tower 3003 S State St Mailroom

When: Service Times
These times represent drop-offs to the mailroom for each of the two courier runs. Service times are approximate and may vary due to weather conditions and construction.

Location First Second
NCRC 8:30 am 2:30 pm
Administrative Services Bldg (Ad Svc) 9:05 am 12:40 pm
Fleming Bldg 9:12 am 12:47 pm
North Quad 9:14 am N/A
Business Administration Bldg (Bus Ad) 9:21 am 12:56 pm
Shapiro Library

9:25 am

1:00 pm
Social Work Building 9:35 am 1:10 pm
School of Public Health 9:42 am 1:32 pm
UM Hospital 9:47 am 1:37 pm
Medical Science Bldg 9:55 am 1:45 pm
North Ingalls Bldg 9:58 am 1:48 pm
Pierpont Commons 10:21 am 2:01 pm
Space Research Bldg 10:26 am 2:05 pm
North Campus Administrative Bldg 10:30 am 2:09 pm
Arbor Lakes 10:38 am 2:17 pm
Hospital Purchasing Services 10:46 am 2:24 pm
Dental Bldg 10:58 am 1:53 pm
Wolverine Tower Mailroom 11:08 am N/A

Mail placed in Wolverine Tower Mail Expedited Service boxes will receive this service. All other campus mail picked up at the regular mail stop will be delivered within 24 hours.

Questions? Contact Mail Services at (734) 764-9227

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